Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. GT Omega Racing does not sell, trade, or rent your personal or contact information to other marketers. This has been our operating policy from the very beginning.


The Data controller will take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the Data. 

Place The data is processed at our Warehouse address and in other places where data processors or co-controllers are located. 

Retention Data is kept for the minimum time necessary to provide the services requested or processes outlined in this policy or as required by Law. The user is able to request the Data controller delete the data. 




Google Analytics - Google analytics is a web service provided by Google Inc which utilises javascript and cookies to collect data relating to your visits and views of our website. This data is aggregated to allow the website operator (GT Omega Racing) to analyze visitor trends, popular sections , bounce rates and conversions, among other things. Google may use the data to personalize the ads of it's own advertising network. The users IP address is anonymized. 
Place of processing: US
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Data: Cookies and Usage Data. 

Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking - Facebook ads conversion tracking records traffic to this website from the Facebook advertising network and tracks conversions (checkout completed). 
Place of processing: US
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Data: Cookies and Usage Data. 

Affiliate conversion tracking - Affiliates conversion tracking records traffic to this website from registered affiliates and tracks conversions (checkout completed). 
Place of processing: UK
Data: Cookies and Usage Data. 





Webnotes -By filling in the contact forms on this website the user is authorising GT Omega Racing Limited to use this data to fulfil the enquiry or request or service the user indicates in their message. Messages are processed in the UK by staff of GT Omega Racing Limited only for the purposes requested by the user. 
   Place of processing: UK
   Data: Email address, Full name. 

Freshdesk - A messaging service for visitors to ask Administrators (GT Omega Racing staff) 
    Place of processing: UK
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    Data: Cookies and Usage Data





By registering on this website users are able to identify themselves for the purposes of placing and tracking orders and is a requirement to checkout for certain payment methods. 

Place of processing: UK
Data: Email, Full Name, Address.





To complete a sale valid payment must be provided. GT Omega Racing Limited uses various payment providers to facilitate this transaction. 

Worldpay (Creditcard and Debitcard)
    Place of processing: UK
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Card details, Full Name, Shipping Address

    Place of processing: EU
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Card details, Full Name, Shipping Address
    Place of processing: UK
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Email, Full name, Address, Previous Addresses, Telephone, Employment Details, Credit card details, Bank details, Credit History, Insurance details, dependants
Amazon Payments
    Place of processing: US
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Email, Name, Address, Credit card details





To complete a sale of physical goods we must use a shipping company to deliver to the address you provide. 

UPS Limited
    Place of processing : EU
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Email, Phone, Delivery Name and Address.
    Place of procesing: EU
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Email, Phone, Delivery Name and Address.
    Place of processing: UK, USA and Canada 
    Privacy Policy
    Data: Delivery Name and Address




Legal The user should be aware GT Omega Racing Limited will comply with lawful requests by relevant public authorities under the legal jurisdiction of Scotland, England and Wales. 

Contextual notice In addition to this privacy poilicy the website will provide prompt contextual notice of Personal Data use where consent is required. 

Server Logs To maintain security compliance and for the benefit of law enforcement the system and the systems of 3rd party payment providers will make logs containing the users IP address. 

Your rights Users are able to make the following requests to the Data Controller:

All requests should be made to the data controller at the contact page above. 

Data: Cookies and usage data
Services: Google Analytics, Google Adwords converion tracking, Facebook Ads conversion tracking, Affiliate Window conversion tracking,

Contact Forms 
Data: Email address, Name

Services: Freshdesk contact form

Data: Email, Name, Address, Phone, Email
Services: Account

Data: Various data as required by the payment service on use, please see below for more detail
Services: Worldpay, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Bank transfer, Divido  

Data: Delivery name and address and contact information as required by the delivery agent
Services: Parcelforce, Fedex, UPS 

Contact information 
Data controller: GT Omega Racing Limited registered in the Suite 1/31 1 Ainslie Road, Hillington Park, The Innovation Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, G52 4RU


Contact: [email protected]

Changes to this policy Changes to this policy can be made at any time, the most recent date this policy has been modified is listed at the bottom of this page.